Separation Filtration Battery Czech Republic

Totalgaz Industrie has recently delivered 4 filter separators for Gazelle Pipeline Project. The main Beneficiary is Net4Gas, gas transmission system operator in Czech Republic. The new Czech high-pressure pipeline will increase natural gas import and export capacity and ensure the European consumers independence to Russia - the main supplier. 
Body diameter: DN 1800
Inlet connection diameter: DN 700
Design pressure: PN 100
Maximum flow rate: 1.850.000 Nm3/h
The filter separators ensure filtration and separation of solid and liquid contaminants existent in the gas flow and protect the downstream equipment (regulators, meters, etc.). The separated liquid is stored and automatically purged by means of a dual outlet system comprising valves supplied by important European manufacturers (Samson, Armatury, Rotork, Intra Automation, Hycontrol, etc.). The quick opening closure designed and produced by our company ensures easy access in order to replace the filtering cartridges. The opening is performed within few minutes by only one operator, which adds efficiency to the intervention time and work force needed.
The four FS 642 last generation filter – separators are tailored to offer a modern solution for filtration and separation, German quality.
Best quality materials purchased from all over Europe have been machined using cutting – edge technologies. Welding has been performed by high productivity machines and welds have been accurately inspected, by both ultrasonic and X-rays testing.



  • Baterie Filtre Separatoae Cehia
  • Baterie Filtre Separatoare Cehia
  • Baterie Filtre Separatoare Cehia