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TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the only Romanian company delivering a complete range of natural gas equipment that covers the whole process from production to distribution.


We looked into many factories in EU for almost 5 years until we found at TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE exactly what we were looking for. The people are great, the materials are according to our standards and the products are very well tested.
Thank you, TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE! [...]

Takeshi Shimoda from Tokyo Gas Engineering

I’m Takeshi Shimoda from Tokyo-gas Engineering Company.

When I was in Tokyo-gas Company, we searched for regulator manufacturing companies in EU.
After long search, we found TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE.

This is how it happened:
It has been a very long decision process until we decided to use TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE products. As you know, Japanese want very good quality, quick response and good price.
We investigated many producers of gas equipments in EU since 5 years ago until last year. TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE accomplishes all the requirements that we needed.
Their design is 3D CAD and response is very quick. Also, they taught us about the maintenance methods for their products when they came to Japan.
Another good point is that TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE colleges are so great and their site is always clean. This aspect is important for Japanese. Also, another important aspect is that they check all their products and materials 100% and their prices are very good.
In Japan, the manufacturers are only checking 10% of all materials and products and they are very expensive.
After we decided to work with TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE, we introduced their products to other gas and electric companies in Japan. Some of them are already using TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE products now. The valves, filters and regulators that TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE produces are very good.
In the future, we would also like to discuss engineering details together.


Takeshi Shimoda from Tokyo Gas Engineering 


2006, London > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the International Quality Crown Award.