SHIKOKU Regulating-metering-delivering station (Japan)

The SHIKOKU Regulating-metering-delivering station is an important project in cooperation with Tokyo GAS and has contributed to introducing us on Japanese product market. The high pressure station is designed to be provided with the RTG 413 regulator ANSI 600 DN 50, and the filters of FTG 602 type, ANSI 600 DN 50 equipped with quick opening closures. The station ensures a 4.200 Nmc/h flow, complying with the requirements of the Japanese gas equipment standards.


Regulating-metering and delivery station Iasi.




2002, Romania > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the Rising Star Award for Business Excellence offered by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation and the President of Romania.


TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the first Romanian producer that has ever designed and manufactured a Well Testing Equipment.